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Vegas Bachelor Party
  JizzleSmitts, Oct 05 2011

Hey LP,

I'm the best man for one of my friends' wedding, and am organizing a 2-night bachelor party binge in Vegas a week before Christmas (a Sat and Sun night). As the group of us are all in/will be in med school, none of us are incredibly balling atm.

I'm trying to find a reasonable deal for a 4-5 star place (be nice to keep it below $400/night average) I've always stayed at the Wynn or Encore when I've been to Vegas in the past, but I'm up for trying new places.

Any recommendations/deals/potential hook ups?

Thanks guys!


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$40 Graphic design
  JizzleSmitts, Apr 10 2010

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Graphic Design...$10 for winner
  JizzleSmitts, Apr 09 2010

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